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Have you ever snorkeled in a "blue hole"? You are weightless, floating in warm clear water more than 660 feet deep, peering into endless indigo. Or experienced Thunderball Grotto? Envision swimming into a lacy, rock cavern shot through with sunlight and being surrounded by mirror minnows. Imagine the warmth of the sun and the wind whistling through a salt works ghost town reclaimed by butterflies and flamingos. Runaway to a distant out island to savor rum punch and listen to the unique rhythm of a local Rake and Scrape band. Escape, relax and dream. While time stands still, let your imagination run wild.

Carol Garvin, a Floridian, paints tropical places. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her work are donated to environmental preservation and animal welfare.
Represented by galleries and fine gift shops, her work can also be seen at juried art shows in Florida. Visits by appointment to her studio are welcome.

Enjoy your visit.
Enter any of Carol's three online Galleries, Originals, Fine Art Prints (which also includes note cards and mini-matted prints), and Giclées, by clicking the links always visible at the left of your screen.
Note: For copyright notification reasons, Carol's Initials appear as watermarks in the images you see on this web site. They DO NOT appear in the actual paintings, prints, art cards or mini-prints. 

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